Pure  and freshly harvested Royal Jelly is vital for Your health and vitality.
Well Being 

Pure 100% Fresh Royal Jelly

100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly supplies many minerals, including calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and sulfur, as well as the eight amino acids essential to human life. 

All the above mentioned vitamins and minerals have the following health benefits:

- Effective for treating or relieving symptoms of arthritis , gout and atherosclerosis
- Helps regenerate bone, tissue, muscle growth and the nervous system
- Stimulates the immune system to fight viral and bacterial infection
- Reduces flu and cold symptoms
- Helps lower blood lipids and cholesterol 
- Improves memory and mental functions
- Promotes sexual energy and vitality                                       - Essential for women health, fertility treatment
- Helps slow the aging process,renewing cells feeds
- Benefits skin, hair and nails

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Did You Know That  About Royal Jelly ?

Royal Jelly is a substance secreted by worker bees and food to bee larvae in the colony,regardless whether they are destined to become drones (males), workers (sterile female), or queens (fertile females). Every newborn bee gets to eat Royal Jelly for the first three days of their lives, then they can be fed other food.The queen bees have the privilege of eating Royal Jelly for their whole lives. 

When worker bees decide to make a new queen bee,either because the old one is weakening, or was killed, they choose several small larvae and feed them with copious amounts of Royal Jelly in specially constructed queen cells. The queen bees have the privilege of eating royal jelly for their whole lives. This diet behavior makes the queen the biggest bee in the hive, when she is fully grown, her weight is double that of the worker bees. In addition, with royal jelly, the queen bees can lay about 3000 eggs a day during a season and can live up to 7 years, while worker bees can live for only 60-90 days.

Royal jelly is a food supplement that has a number of active substances that  have been successful in science, explore the past few decades but it has remained unknown ingredients. What we know about it is that most high-quality protein, vitamins (including the full range of B vitamins) and trace elements make up. As the queen and larvae feeding task, therefore, is extremely rich in composition and strength, fertility-enhancing, life-empowering and life-prolonging effects.                                                 

This is not drug, adverse reactions are not to be expected.

Fresh royal jelly supplies many minerals, including calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and sulfur, as well as the eight amino acids essential to human life. 

Pure 100% Fresh Royal Jelly  from Royal Health Farm Ireland is a dietary supplement  for humans,  claiming various health benefits and well being essential for your vitality .

Consistency is  milky white substance with sour smell and a little spicy flavor. It contains a lot of nutrition supplies such as B-complex vitamins, vitamin B5 an B6, also including fatty acids,many minerals and amino acids which are essential for human life especially for woman health include infertility treatment.

Why Choose Pure 100% Fresh Royal Jelly from Royal Health Farm ?

However, you should know that royal jelly is exceptionally sensitive to nutrient composition and storage conditions which is especially true of complex composition in relatively easy transition, and if the structure is changed, thereby decreasing efficiency. Therefore, it's possible you might  find some products, which are whether processed, converted form contain the royal jelly or prepared with preservatives, but  those  not operate within the same effect , than a mine the 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly is able to impress.

Therefore, when looking for the best solution we are here with the highest quality available, Pure 100% Fresh Royal Jelly in Ireland.

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