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 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly rejuvenate and regenerative effects....

Natural beauty is for everyone rejuvenate yourself with royal jelly cosmetic.

The pure fresh royal jelly prevents premature skin aging at, keeps flexibility, hydration and blood flow. Removes wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin and promotes regeneration.

100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly was found rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the wrinkled, tired  facial skins. Oily-skinned individuals and joint production normalizes the sebaceous glands, which are very important in the treatment of acne and skin infections. Good results have been observed in blackhead skin. After using fresh royal jelly on the skin, it becomes elastic and smooth. An allergy symptoms do not manifest themselves.

Raw 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly applied once every two weeks for 15 minutes massage in the form of a women with a strong, deep wrinkles around the eyes were visible.After a few sessions of moderate wrinkles were gone, the deeper wrinkles on the forehead were mild. The skin on her face was tight and become a new factor. 

 Based on the results and experiences , the reality is that the raw fresh royal jelly protect the skin, improves circulation and blood supply to a beneficial effect on the water content and prevents dryness. The therapeutic effects of royal jelly furthermore, also other biological and physiological properties based. 

When using an external Spread a thin layer on the skin, leave for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water and allow the skin to dry. The skin becomes smoother and brighter. The treatment was repeated two days, and over time, wrinkles, blemishes, coloration disappear.

 Dermatology And Cosmetics

The fresh royal jelly biological and physiological effects has prompted researchers to try therapeutic effects of diseases of the skin and cosmetics as well.It was found that best counteracts loss of water content of the skin and promotes the stratum corneum hydration. Prevents escape of water soluble substances from the skin, but it does not affect the respiration.

Researchers found that the sun caused  inflammation and is an excellent cure by royal jelly: 80% of the cases now under 24 hours.  Rovesti burns, severe septic and aseptic inflammatory skin diseases. Maly, Pacenovská Jancusková and achieved good results in patients who have tuberculosis of the skin was visible. In all cases, marked improvement, and healing occurred.

ulcers and other skin disorders 

The researchers (Tomaier, Schwank, Kubin, Somov, Albramov, Vadaszova, Zoula) and highlight the excellent features of the pure fresh royal jelly at shin ulcers. Promotes regeneration of epithelial tissues. In many cases, the long-term lower leg abscesses can heal, induced no untoward effects. The results were above average the cases where the wound have been cleaned with antibiotic or antibacterial agents, before applying the fresh royal jelly .


Varicose consequence of severe surface vasculitis, occlusive vascular inflammation resulting arteriosclerosis . The disease in 4 cases of diabetes, heart disease is a case ischemic influence. In severe cases, to ineffectively treated (14 days) achieved in a relatively short amount of time in healing. Based on the results of the treatment methods for ulcers complements, especially atonic, cleaned, arteriosclerosis or post-traumatic cases.The treatment of the wound area requires a daily dressing change or even more often due to secretion.

The royal jelly was tested after trophic skin burn injury as well. Zmecko Knápek tested on 40 patients who had mostly with the scab, dry wounds achieved a good result. 

 It also has a good effect in scars. The extremely rapid healing of minor wounds observed. After treatment, the patient was pain relief as well.

Use of royal jelly in the treatment of warts

The treatment of warts (Verucae vulgares et juveniles) Maly, Pacenovská Jancusková and achieved excellent results. Large surface of 20 children who had skin warts. 85% of children are fully healed. The sick children skin was once a day applied with royal jelly and internally were given 1g. The results showed healing 6-8 weeks.

Complete healing was achieved than the males, whose hands were 60 Verucae vulgares (warts). In this case, the treatment was 60 days. 6 patients for diagnosis Verucae vulgares (warts) 5 patients were completely healed, which in this case 83.3% of patients of the total. Internally, the recommended daily dose of 2 × 1 g internally plus externally to the wart twice a day lightly lubricated.

Eczema and other skin diseases

Distrofic (the body malnutrition), and microbial eczema cured successfully. Royal jelly is externally applied 2-3 times a day. Effect for allergic , acute inflammation has manifested itself in the early days. Symptoms of inflammation disappeared within 3-4 working days. The inflammation to an end the itching and the patient's condition improved.

Hair Loss

Gradual hair loss in men curing several researchers have successfully implemented the royal jelly therapy. For spotted hair loss (Alopecia Areata) treated with fresh royal jelly massages. In one case, the bald patch were treated with fresh royal jelly and  rare but complete hair grown, while the other cases, only the edge of the patch could develop tiny hairs fluff  within 12 days treatment. It was found that the pure fresh royal jelly prevent people's hair and the hair of animals thinning or loss. The pure fresh royal jelly has regeneration effect for hair follicles.


The above findings are not the Food and Drug Administration reports, the products are not intended to cure diseases.However, folk medicine and natural medicine to keep track of bee products. 

Precautions and contraindications

The royal jelly is generally not known to have any side effects. However, in some cases, caution should be exercised, and there are cases when you do not recommend the consumption. Hypersensitivity to royal jelly examination of the healthy people rarely have found a positive reaction in 72 allergic (asthma and eczema diseases), there was absolutely no unpleasant after-effects. Compared 10 patients with pollen allergy have two negative effects. We can not rule out, however, that some patients with Royal Jelly primary cause of allergy arises, therefore, required after its use to monitor patients susceptible to hypersensitivity.

The most important precautions and contraindications to allergy of any bee product . In this case, consumption is not advised, because in this case the fresh royal jelly can provoke certain reactions. For individuals who just may be inclined to allergy or other hypersensitivity suffer the first 2-3 days, 0.1 grams start a course of treatment, he stopped when oral itching, digestive disorders, difficulty breathing, runny nose or rash occurs. If you do not experience similar symptoms, the dose is gradually increased to the desired quantity. hypertensive patients with low or fixed initial only under medical supervision, with continuous blood pressure monitoring with taking royal jelly and start only small portions. Royal jelly is a single dose can reduce your blood pressure! Without taking care of the royal jelly may be prohibited blood pressure problems!

For children with low-dose makes use of Royal Jelly. Normally you do not have to have any side effects of fresh royal jelly specific instances, allergic reactions may occur. Proceed with caution if your baby is allergic to any other product. In this case, if child can be allergic to bee products should not be given to him under any circumstances!

Therefore, there are many products on the market, which are whether processed, converted form contain the royal jelly, might be prepared to are updated preservative with the procedure, not operate within the same the effect is instance, than amine the pure royal jelly is able to impress.



Therefore, when looking for the best solution , and we adhere to the highest quality available, the pure  100% fresh royal jelly right choice for us. The pure fresh royal jelly believed that not only individual components of presence ( acetylcholine, pantothenic acid, 10-HDA, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements ) results in an exceptional healing properties but also the relative proportion of the components as a whole, along with their impact is essential to get the best possible results, time away with it. It is therefore important that the finished products instead of clear, non-preserved, non-modified composition consume royal jelly preserve our health, or the restoration. This is used to increase strength of life , physical and spiritual balance again reached.

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